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Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 

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Welcome to another post from In this post, we will talk about Adani Transmission’s share price targets for 2022, 2025, and 2030. Today we will know information about ‘Adani Transmission share’, and whether it would be good to invest in it or not.

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Adani transmission Company Details

Adani Transmission Company is a Power Utility Company. The company has developed and commissioned a 400 kW direct current dedicated Mundra-Dehgam transmission line of 430 km.

This company was started in the year 2013. Its Headquarter is located in Ahmedabad. It is the largest private-sector power transmission company operating in India. Adani Transmission India Limited operates as a subsidiary of Adani Group.

Adani Transmission primarily aims to address the huge potential in India’s transmission sector and our ambitious target is to install 20,000 circuit kilometers of transmission lines by 2022. We have invested in latest technologies resulting in highest network availability of over 99.80 per cent in the country. Which is in line with the best global standards.

The founder of this company is Gautam Adani, who is currently the No. 1 in Asia and the Richest Person in the whole world.

CompanyAdani Transmission Company
Founded In2013
FounderGautam Adani
HeadquarterAhmedabad, Gujrat
CEOAnil Kumar Sardana
No of Employees5105 (2022)
Revenue11,041.74 crores INR
Parent OrganizationAdani Group, S.B. Adani Family Trust
SubsidiariesAdani Electricity Mumbai Limited
Today Price3660
Adani Transmission Detail Table

Adani Transmission Share Price Target

Let us know how much “Adani Transmission” Future Share Price can be.

YearsExpected Target
Adani Transmission Price Target table

Adani Transmission Growth chart
Adani Transmission Growth chart

Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2023

It is a big company of Power Transmission and Distribution. It is the first company in India to manufacture HVDC transmission lines.

With the ever-increasing demand for power due to the company having such a huge power transmission line and distribution network, the company is also giving very good benefits. In the coming days, there is going to be a further jump in the demand for power in the market, due to which Adani Transmission is looking forward to getting very good profits.

Talking about Adani Share Price Target 2023, its first target can be 3700 and the second target can be 3800.

Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2024

The company is also at the top position in many other businesses. This company has more than 30 Distributor Customers. The company has installed a transmission line of 2000 MW only in Mumbai. If the company management is successful in taking good decisions in the coming days, then we can see a lot of jump in Adani Transmission Stock going forward.

Talking about Adani Share Price Target 2024, its first target can be 4700 and the second target can be 4800.

Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2025

Adani Transmission has formed many subsidiary companies across the country from different sectors. With the help of this, the company has been able to make transmission and distribution of power across the country with great ease.

As the company will be seen forming new subsidiary companies to spread its business in different states, it will be very easy for the company to spread its business rapidly.

If we talk about the expected share price target of “Adani Transmission”2025, it can go from 6300 to 6500.

Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2026

In the coming years also, Adani Transmission is planning to acquire small companies associated with its sector in order to accelerate the growth of its business and increase its dominance in the power transmission and distribution business in future. , due to which it can be expected that in the coming years, the company’s business is going to grow at an even faster pace.

Along with increasing the business by acquiring new companies, Adani Transmission Share Price Target can be seen showing you the first target of Rs7500 by giving very good earnings till 2026. After having this target interest, you see the full expectation of seeing another target of Rs7800.

Adani Transmission Share Price Target 2030

Company management is very good. The company seems to be continuously increasing its business. The company is thinking about getting a lot of benefits from the acquisition. Electricity Transmission is such a business which is a good sector according to the future.

The company’s market cap is more than 283,993 crores. The company is the market leader in its sector. Being a Large Cap Company, if you invest Long Term, then you can get to see good Stock Returns here. Not only this, Adani Transmission also sees many subsidiary companies. If you are a company of Adani Group, then their financial condition is also very good.

Keeping the business opportunities in mind in the long run, if you look at Adani Transmission Share Price Target by 2030, you see every possibility of going around Rs15000 to the share price by earning very good returns to the shareholders.

Risk of Adani Transmission Share

  • Most of Adani Transmission’s business depends on various power projects of the government.
  • Some percentage of Promotors Share Pledge is visible.
  • Company is not giving any Dividends.
  • The company is constantly seen investing in its business by taking a large amounts of loans from the bank for the development of new projects, due to which gradually the debt and its interest burden on the company is increasing.
  • Adani Transmission is Costly.

Adani Transmission video

Future of Adani Transmission Share(Good to buy or not??)

In a way, you can say that its monopoly is running. If we talk about India, then Power Demand is increasing day by day. If we compare with outside countries, then the consumption of power is very less now, then in future a lot of opportunities can be seen in the share price. As Electric Appliances increase, it is certain that the demand for power will increase. If we look at the sales growth of the company in the last few years, then they are quite good.

Along with this, Adani Transmission is also seen working under partnership with new companies and government of its sector to increase the growth of its business in the future, due to which it can be expected that the company will grow its sector in future. I can definitely see emerging as a strong company.

Our Opinion

Before buying any stock, you must do your analysis once. And at the same time, it must be seen how the company’s business is going to be in terms of the future. There is no doubt that the demand for power in India is going to keep increasing in the coming times. Adani Transmission has been able to establish itself as a leading company in the power transmission and distribution business keeping this growing opportunity in mind are coming.

If you are a long-term investor and want to take advantage of the ever-increasing growth of the power sector, then you can definitely consider investing in Adani Transmission Share. But keep in mind that before taking any investment related decision at any price, do not forget to analyze the complete details of the company itself or take the advice of your financial advisor.


We do not advise you to buy or sell shares, this article is written for Education Purpose. If you want to invest in this, then you should consult your financial advisor and then think about it.

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What does Adani Transmission Company work in?

Works at Power utility

Does Adani Transmission Share pay good dividend every year?

Adani Transmission is currently seen investing more and more to expand its business, due to which the company does not pay dividend to its shareholders at all.

Who is the present CEO of Adani Transmission Company?

Anil Kumar Sardana 

In which states does Adani Transmission Company operate?

Apart from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand, the company operates in 13 other states.

Who is the founder of Adani Transmission?

Gautam Adani

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