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Exide share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

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Welcome to another post from bsnews.in. In this post, we will talk about Exide share price targets for 2022, 2025, 2030. We will also talk about Exide share price targets  history as well.

How many targets can the share price of Exide industries cross in future? What is the Exide share price target for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030? Should you buy Exide Industries shares?

After all, why are people discussing about the stock of Exide industries nowadays? Is the Exide Battery company going to deliver multi bagger returns on today’s investment in the future?

These days there is confusion in the minds of many people that Exide industries Ltd. (EXIDEIND) share is good for long term investment or not.

There is no such thing that if you invest in Exide Share then you will have to bear a lot of loss in future.

Hope you guys will like it. Let’s get started.

Exide Share Details

It is the largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in India and fourth largest in the world. It has plants in India and Sri Lanka and dealership network in 46 countries spanning 5 continents.

This Company was started from 1947. The Headquarter of this company is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

This company was formed by Raajan Raheja Group.

Right now the market cap of Exide Industries is 16031 Cr. is, Face Value is 1, Dividend yield is 1.06 and Volume is more than 17 crores and Exide Price is 52-wk high 219.30 and 52-wk low 153.60 on NSE India in September 2021.

Name Exide Share Details
Company Name Exide
Founded Year 1947
OwnerRajan Raheja Group
Located InKolkata, West Bengal, India
ChairmanBharat Dhiraj Lal Shah
CEOSubir Chakraborty
CFOA K Mukherjee
CMOUttio Majumdar
Exide Industries Details

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Exide Share Price Target Details

Let us know how much Exide Future Share Price can be.

Exide Share Price Chart
Exide Share Price Target Chart
Years Expected Targets
Exide Share Price Target Details

  Exide share Price Target 2022

In the long term, if we look at the Exide share price target for 2022, then the first target price is Rs255 and the second target price is up to Rs262. So at this target share price of Exide, you can buy it in 2022.

By the way, in the future, not only by 2022, but if we see the target of Exide’s share from 2025 to 2030, then this stock will have created such a buzz and Exide will emerge as a very big company in the auto battery sector.

Exide share price target 2023

The business of the company mostly depends on India. However, some revenue also comes from outside. But the original 93 percent revenue is seen to be dependent on the domestic business only. Therefore, the company seems to be trying its best to expand its market in other countries as well.

For which the company seems to be making a lot of investments. Its benefits can be seen in the results in the coming years. The way people are becoming more and more dependent on electricity. From this it can be said that in the coming days, the company related to the battery is going to make good profit.

If the company is able to grow its business like this, then in the coming years, by 2023, the share price of Exide can be seen as the first target of Rs320. After that you see the second target for Rs335.

Exide share price target 2024

Investors who have bought the stock of Exide are going to get a lot of profit in 2024. Hold all the Exide stocks you have bought right now till 2024.

It is so sure that Exide Company will not look back in the future, so you should keep your target not only by 2024 but by 2025 and 2030 because the future is of electric vehicles which will have Lithium batteries.

And since Exide industries have made all preparations to set up a manufacturing plant to manufacture lithium ion batteries, they have also sold their insurance sector business Exide Life to HDFC Life.

So that the revenue that comes from this is Exide industries ltd. You can invest in opening your battery manufacturing business i.e. battery plant.

If we look towards the future, the demand for Lithium batteries is going to increase a lot, that is why Exide has taken this step and they target that by 2025 or 2030, their business will be on top of this industry.

This is the reason why the share price of Exide is expected to rise significantly in 2023.

If we talk about Exide share price target 2023, then one price target is Rs380 and the other target price is Rs450. So if you invest in Exide stock now, then you can get good returns in future.

Exide share price target 2025

Most of the people have started investing in Exide stock for the long term for this reason as the company has been rapidly growing its business on lithium ion batteries since last few years. The way most people are paying attention to the electric vehicle right now. The biggest component in the same electric vehicle is going to be the lithium ion battery.

And in this battery, Exide seems to be making full preparations to capture the biggest market. If the company is able to capture more and more market in the coming days, then with the growth of business of Exide Industries, there is going to be a tremendous jump in the share price.

If the business is seen going according to the company’s plan, then by 2025 its share price can be seen showing the first target of Rs490. Then hit another target to hold it for Rs550.

Exide share price target 2026

If Exide share goes with the price target of 2026, then by then the share of Exide company will have become very strong. The Lithium battery plant would have been installed, the business of Exide would be running like a horse.

Earlier the name of Exide industries used to be Chloride Industries Limited because chloride had a very important role in battery manufacturing companies at that time.

If seen, there will be a lot of demand for these batteries in electric cars in the future, on which Exide is now fully focusing.

And somewhere people also know this, that is why the volume and liquidity in the share of Exide has also increased a lot because now many people have started buying the Exide share.

If the Exide share price target is estimated by 2025, then the first share price target is Rs750 and the second share price target is up to Rs850.

Exide share price target 2030

As you stay invested in the stock of Exide Industries for a long time, you are going to see good growth in the business of the company. The way the government seems to be promoting more and more to depend on electric vehicles and solar.

This is going to be the biggest benefit to the battery maker. Because in both these future business, battery will be seen providing an important role. Due to which its demand is going to increase very fast.

Due to the increase in demand, you will see a one-sided boom in the business of the company. Talking about the share price of the company till 2030, there is every possibility of trading around Rs1850.

How much is the share price of Exide company going to increase in 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030?

As you know Electric vehicle is going to bring a revolution in India.

So it is believed that Lithium ion batteries manufacture which have stocks like; Exide industries These have the potential to deliver multi bagger returns in the coming 10 years (by 2030).

Because India’s target is that by 2030, at least 30% of electric vehicles will be made in India. And if this happens, then there will be a bull run in the stocks of the battery makers.

As electric vehicles grow in India, the share price of companies like Exide Industries Ltd will increase.

Why Exide Company’s stock is in discussion?

The stock of Exide Company is in discussion because the Modi government has set a target to make India a 100% e-mobility economy by 2030 and the reason for this is that it wants to increase the use of electricity in the vehicles that run.

Therefore, the focus of the government is that along with electric vehicles, the electric products running in homes should also depend on it and for this new and advanced battery technology is needed in the country.

That’s why Exide Battery is trying its best to fulfill this need of the country.

Apart from this, the government has approved the PLI scheme.

And in this the National Program on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC Battery storage) has also been approved.

What is the PLI scheme which can increase the share price of Exide?

In this, the target is to build 50 GW Hours ACC battery and 5 GW Hours ACC battery capacity. Giga Watt Hours means to produce one billion watts of energy in 1 hour.

The government has announced an incentive of Rs18100 crore under PLI that the company that makes it will get its benefit.

And that’s why Exide Industries is all set to make Exide Batteries and that’s why the share price of Exide Company can also increase very fast in the future.

what is the meaning of ACC?

ACC is a new age advanced electricity storage technology in which electricity is saved in the form of electrochemical or chemical energy and it is converted into electricity when needed.

Exide Share Price video

Will Exide Company Only Go For Electric Vehicles?

Along with electric vehicles, the electric items we use in the house are electrically powered goods or solar powered items.

This battery will be used in all these places.

That is, this battery will not be used only in electric vehicles, but demand will come from everywhere.

So you do not only add the revenue of electric vehicles and also add the revenue of other places, then this (Battery Market) will become a big market.

And therefore in the coming time (from 2025 to 2030) the demand for Exide battery will be very high.

That’s why many companies across the world have also started investing in battery technology, but in India such companies are very few and almost non-existent in terms of Advanced Battery Technology (ACC).

That is why it is being said that the Exide share price target can be very high by 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030.

Right now, ACC is being imported in India from outside, the effort of the government is that such batteries should be prepared in India by not getting them from outside, so that a self-reliant India can be made.

But what will happen after the advent of advanced battery technology (ACC) in India?

This will bring direct investment of 45 thousand crores in the country because companies will invest money, if investment increases, employment opportunities will increase and electric vehicles will be promoted, dependence on petrol diesel will be reduced and the country will also benefit.

So the government is trying to meet the target of 2030, that is why the stock of Exide battery is in discussion because Exide industries have prepared to open a new plant on a large scale to make Lithium batteries.

So it is not only that the stock of Exide company will give good returns in future, but all the companies that make lithium batteries will give high returns in the next 10 years.

Exide share with a view to the future

Looking at the business of Exide with a view to the future, it looks quite good. Constantly the management seems to be making changes in its business with a view to the future. Due to which you will definitely see its benefits in the company’s business in the long run.

The business of the company has just started. As people gradually start relying on solar and electric vehicles, the use of battery will also be seen increasing a lot.

If Exide is seen to be capturing the market at most, then we will see taking full advantage. In view of this, it can be said that Exide shares have full potential to give you good returns in the long run.

Exide share Financial Result

Looking at the financial results of the company, it looks quite good. Moving forward with good growth every year. At the same time, the debt on the company is said to be negligible, with this the cash reserve of the company is continuously increasing. Due to which the company will go a long way in the coming days.

Risk in Exide share

That much risk is not seen inside the company, but its partner company Amara Raja Batteries is turning out to be a big competitor in its business. Continuing to capture Exide’s market share. Because of which in the coming years, if the management of the company is not seen making new changes in its business, then big trouble can be seen in the business of the company.

Our Opinion

There is no doubt that Exide is one of the best company in its sector. The kind of growth the company is showing in its business, it has the full potential to give good earnings to the shareholders in the future. But keep in mind that if you want to buy any stock for a long time, then do not forget to do your own analysis once.


There are many opportunities in the company in the future. But at the same time, the risk is also seen a little bit. If you are looking to invest at any price, then do your analysis once. This will help you buy at the right price.

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When is the right time to buy the Exide share?

f you are a long term investor, then whenever you see a fall in the stock, then you can consider buying.

Who is the chairman of Exide ?

Bharat Dhiraj Lal Shah

When did Exide Company start?


Where is the headquarters of Exide located?

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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