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Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 |

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Welcome to another post from In this post, we will talk about “Gland Pharma Limited” share price targets for 2022, 2025, and 2030. Today we will know information about Gland Pharma and whether it would be good to invest in it or not.

Let us analyze the entire business of the company and see how the performance is going to show in the coming days.

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Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target

Let us know how much “Gland Pharma ” Future Share Price can be.

Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target in 2023

The company focuses a lot on Research and Development. R & D is very important in Pharma Business so every year the company spends a huge amount on it to improve companies output. 66% of the company’s revenue comes from the US, 18% from India and the rest from outside countries.

If you look at the share price of Gland Pharma in 2023, then you will get to see the first target of Rs2100. After that 2200 looks for the second target.

Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target 2024

More than half of the stoke of the company is owned by Fosun Singapur you can also consider it a Chinese company. There are a lot of big companies in the investors, they supply in the US and Europe. Recently a Chinese Credit Rating had included it in junk, so the company is going through some problems but its growth potential for the long term is high.

If we talk about the expected share price target of “Gland pharma Share Price 2024”, it can go from 2700 to 2900.

Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target 2025

More than 50% stoke of the company is owned by Fosun Singapur which is part of Fosun International. Fosun Singapur is a Chinese company and it also have a big pharmaceutical business. Fosin has huge R&D due to which Gland Pharma Company gets access globally. This gives them great help in R&D as well as distribution.

If we talk about the expected share price target of “ Gland Pharma Share Price 2025”, it can go from 3950 to 4120.

Gland Pharma Limited Share Price Target 2030

The compound rate of the company has increased by 16-17% annually which is a good thing. Recently, the Pharma Sector is in trend due to conditions like Covid. Different mutual funds are emphasizing on this sector to take advantage of this and are launching different Pharma funds. The Long Term Department of the company is very Negligible.

By 2025, the company’s shares are fully expected to show you the first target of Rs6550. Then the second target of Rs6750 is going to be seen.

Gland Pharma Growth chart
YearsExpected Target
Gland Pharma Expected share price target

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Gland pharma Limited Company Profile(Gland pharma Limited Complete Details)

This company was started in the year 1978 by PVN Raju Ji who was a Chemist. Its headquarters is in India. He worked on Heparin Technology in India and because of that, he started Gland Pharma Company. In between, due to problems in the company, the company started contract manufacturing.

15% of Gland Pharma’s revenue still comes from Heparin and most of its revenue comes from Contract Manufacturing. US and European countries are always ready to do contract manufacturing in India, Gland Pharma has always benefited from this. Talking about quality, this company has always been ahead.

The company has not received a single warning from US FD, from this you can guess how much Gland Pharma Company focuses on its quality.

CEO of Gland pharma is Srinivas Sadu.

Company Gland Pharma Limited
Founded In1978
FounderPVN Raju Ji
HeadquarterHyderabad, India
CEOSrinivas Sadu
Parent OrganizationFosun International
Gland pharma Limited Details

Risk Factors in Gland Pharma Limited Share

  • The India-China policy directly affects their business because of a Chinese Company Fosun International, which holds most of the stoke in this company.
  • Company is showing Repeated Profit and also not doing Dividend Payout.

Gland Pharma Share in the future(Should we invest in Gland Pharma Share or not?)

Recently it is facing some problems due to its Chinese rating but it will remain for the short term. If you invest in it with the Buy on Deep strategy then Gland Pharma can give you very good returns in long term.

In Share Holding Pattern you will see that DII Holdings are increasing and FII Holdings seem to be decreasing. If you buy after correction because Promotors’ reputation is a bit bad, then you will get it cheap and you can see good returns for a long time. The company is absolutely debt free.

Gland pharma Limited share buy or not??

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I hope by reading the post “Gland Pharma share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030”, how the company will perform in the coming days. And how much money goes for the target, it must have been guessed. If you have any question related to this, then definitely tell in the comment. Stay tuned with us to stay updated with the information related to share market.


In which year Gland Pharma company was formed?


Where is the headquarter of gland pharma??

Hyderabad, India

who is the founder of Gland Pharma Limited??

PVN Raju

Who is the CEO of the Gland Pharma Limited??

Srinivas Sadu

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