Suzlon Energy share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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Suzlon Energy Details

Suzlon Energy is a multinational company engaged in the production of wind power. It is ranked 4th in Asia and 8th in the world. Its headquarter is located in Pune. This company was once the country’s largest renewable energy company. Will this company do well in the coming days or not, we are going to tell you further.

NameSuzlon Energy Details
Company NameSuzlon Energy
FounderTulshi Tanti
CEOAshwani Kumar
ChairmanTulsi Tanti
ServicesWind Power
Number of Employees1592(2022)
Revenue4,187.33 crores INR 
Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target Details

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Suzlon Energy growth chart
Suzlon Energy growth chart
YearExpected Target
Suzlon Energy Expected Target

Suzlon Energy share price target 2022

For the last few years, Suzlon Energy has been consistently showing very good growth in its quarterly results. The company appears to be steadily increasing its profit by reducing its expenses to a great extent, due to which analysts are seeing good growth in the company’s stock in a short time.

As the business of Suzlon Energy seems to be coming back on track, gradually the company has started getting the work of new small and big projects, in the coming days as Suzlon Energy will be seen successfully completing these projects. Accordingly, he is going to be seen showing good performance in the financial results of the company.

Along with consistently showing good growth in the company’s results, Suzlon Energy share price target 2022 is expected to show you the first target of Rs10 with a good jump. After this target, you can soon see another target showing Rs12.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2023

In the coming days, if the company tries to reduce its debt, then it will be the best thing for the growth of the company. The government is also now seen promoting sectors like Renewable Energy. In the future, there is no other option than this, so its growth can show in the coming days.

If we talk about Suzlon share price target 2023, then its first target comes out to be 15 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 17.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2024

The cost and use of Green Energy is going to increase in the coming days. Therefore, if its business goes on, then this share can be seen in the coming days even though it is a Multi bagger Share.

If we talk about Suzlon share price target 2024, then its first target comes out to be 19 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 23.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2025

Suzlon Energy Management seems to be showing full focus to reduce the debt on it as soon as possible, for which the company is currently showing maximum focus on the work of those projects, which has the highest profit margin, due to which the company is showing its maximum focus. With the increase in profits, in the coming days, it is going to be seen reducing the debt very fast, due to which the company’s business is expected to grow rapidly.

Along with this, the government is also seen providing more and more help under the new scheme to promote the companies associated with the renewable energy sector, due to which companies like Suzlon Energy can take the most advantage of different schemes of the government. Along with this, there is definitely a big growth expected in the business in the coming time.

Looking at the steady growth in the business, with Suzlon Energy share price target showing good bounce till 2025, you can see the first target touching 25. And then you can consider holding the second target for Rs27.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2026

If we look at Wind Energy, Suzlon Energy appears to be one of the largest companies in India, in which the company is able to see its possession of about 33 percent market share. In view of the increasing demand for Clean Energy, the company seems to be adding a lot on increasing the production capacity of its power continuously. As of now, the company has 19,108 MW of power generation capacity, and in the coming days, the management is seen increasing the investment of a huge amount to increase its capacity.

At the same time, Suzlon Energy is working jointly to increase the production capacity of its power by making new innovations in its Wind Turbine, as the production capacity of the company’s power will be seen to be increased in every way, accordingly in the market share of the company. Barhotori is about to happen.

With the increase in the market share of the company, you can get the first target of Rs29, showing good growth till 2026. After that you can look for another target to be Rs31 interest.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2027

Suzlon always gets a lot of focus on research and development to improve its product. With the long experience of management, the company has done a lot of innovation and development in wind turbines, due to which the company has been able to increase the production capacity of energy in its wind turbines to a great extent.

In addition, the company is also working rapidly on the next generation of carbon-Fiber new turbine models, as Suzlon Energy with the help of its strong R&D will be able to develop the best products in the coming years. ability is shown.

With the development of the company’s business, Suzlon Energy share price target by 2024, showing the same growth in the business, you are going to see the first target of Rs33. After this target is interest, you will soon be seen showing another target of Rs.35 as well.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2028 &2029

The company is making new plans to expand its business. If the company gets a little boost now, then this company can again emerge as a market leader like before.

If we talk about Suzlon share price target 2028, then its first target comes out to be 43 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 45.

If we talk about Suzlon share price target 2029, then its first target comes out to be 55 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 57.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2030

In the coming time, Green Energy is going to be used the most, as soon as more and more people will be seen increasing the use of Green Energy for most of their work, its demand is going to increase very fast. The management of Suzlon Energy, keeping in mind the growing potential of this sector, seems to be adding on to increase its production capacity accordingly.

Analysts believe that by the year 2030, the use of green energy is going to show an increase of about 50% of India’s total energy, which will benefit most of the companies like Suzlon Energy already working on this sector. are to be seen.

Looking at the potential of the business in the long run, with the Suzlon Energy share price target earning tremendous returns to the shareholders by 2030, the share price is likely to trade around Rs89.

Risk in Suzlon Energy Share

Talking about the biggest risk in the business of Suzlon Energy, in view of the increasing growth potential in the future of this sector, many companies are constantly seen entering this sector and investing in large amounts is also seen. Due to which Suzlon Energy may have to face a lot of difficulty in growing its business due to very little money to invest.

The company went into financial crisis due to debt many times, due to which the company came on the verge of sinking but the bank gave an opportunity to Suzlon company to bring its business back on the line, if the company did not perform well in the coming days. If they were able to do taxes and fail to repay the debt, then the stock would see a one-sided fall.

Is Suzlon a Good Investment?

If the government gives a relief package along with promoting this sector, then it can show a very good boom in the coming times. Banks have also helped it a lot when there was a financial crisis in the middle. If you invest here for a long time, then looking at this sector, it can show good returns in the coming times.

Suzlon Energy’s price target

Suzlon Energy’s stock is forward-looking

Keeping in mind the future of Suzlon Energy, it has already been seen to make many new plans to grow its business in the coming days, due to which the company has started making good profits, due to which the future According to this business is looking very good.

The government is also seen announcing many relief packages from time to time to promote the green energy sector, which is showing signs of good growth in the future of Suzlon Energy’s business. If the company appears to be able to capture this growing opportunity of future well, then a good jump in the share price is definitely going to be seen in the coming times.

Our Opinion

The higher the potential for future growth in the Suzlon Energy business, the more risk is seen in the stock. If you want to invest in this stock, you should invest as much money as you do not make much difference even if you lose money. As the company continues to show its good results, you can also increase the investment amount little by little. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision at any price, do not forget to take the advice of your financial advisor once.


Yes you can invest in it. Before investing, please consult your financial advisor and do your own research as risk is always there in the stock market. I think this post is very helpful for you.

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How will Suzlon Energy share look in future?

In whichever sector Suzlon Energy works, the growth of this sector has just started, the way the company is seen working to catch this growing market, if it is seen working in the same direction even further. If it comes, there is full potential to show a big growth in the stock price in the future.

Who is the current CEO of Suzlon Energy Company?

Mr. Ashwani Kumar is currently appointed as the CEO of Suzlon Energy.

Is Suzlon Energy a debt free company?

No, Suzlon Energy has a huge debt burden, although the management is trying its best to reduce its debt.

Who is the chairman of Suzlon?

Tulsi Tanti Shah is the head of this company.

In which sector does Suzlon work?

This company works in the renewable sector.

Where is Suzlon’s headquarters located?

Its headquarter is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

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