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Tata Alexi share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

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Welcome to another post from bsnews.in . In this post, we will talk about Tata Alexi’s share price targets for 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050. We will also talk about Tata Alexi Share price targets , background, technical fundamentals, history as well.

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Tata Alexi Details

This company is a leading company in the world that provides Design and Technology Services, which provides Engineering and Solution.

Tata Alexi This company provides integrated services which provide services like Electronics, Mechanical Design, Software Development, Validation, Deployment.

This company has more than 30 years of experience. It helps its customers with the help of Services through Design thinking and Application of Digital Technology such as Lot (Internet of Things), Cloud, Mobility, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

NameTata Alexi Details
CompanyTata Alexi
Founded Year1989
Located InBangalore
ChairmanMr. N. Ganapathy Subramaniam
No. of Employees8789(2022)
All Time High Price₹8,360.65 (2022)
Issue Price10 (1995)
Tata Elxsi Details

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Tata Alexi Share Price Target

Let us know how much Tata Alexi Future Share Price can be.

YearsExpected Target
Tata Elxsi Share Price Target

Tata Alexi Growth Chart
Tata Alexi Growth Chart

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2022

The business of this company is spread in many countries. 36% of the company’s revenue originates from Europe, 36% USA, 13% from India and the rest from different countries. If seen, its business in the IT sector is of a different kind.

If we talk about Tata Alexi share price target 2022, then its first target comes out to 8000 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 8500.

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2023

Tata Alexi is continuously showing good growth in each of its business. Way slowly people have started using more and more digital-related products, software is most important for this. Hence Tata Alexi seems to be trying its best to provide the best service to the customer by developing innovative software for every digital sector.

Tata Alexi is seeing deals with many companies keeping in mind the way the demand for software is increasing continuously in every industry. Gradually, as the demand for software will be seen increasing in the coming years, you are going to see more and more benefits of Tata Alexi being a strong company.

By 2023, the share price of Tata Alexi can be seen showing you the first target of Rs11000. Then you see the second target for Rs11500.

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2024

If you look at its book value, then it looks very good and strong. If we look at the growth of its previous years, then it has shown very good growth.

If we talk about its business model, then it is very good in future.

If we talk about Tata Alexi’s share price target for 2024, then its first target comes out to be 15000 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to about 15500.

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2025

If you look at the business of Tata Alexi, you will get to see a lot of Diversify. From the perspective of the future, the business of the company is seen in every technology where you see the opportunity of tremendous growth. Tata Alexi is working in every future technology and seems to be preparing its business for the future.

The way the company is expanding its business portfolio, it definitely shows the full potential of giving you good returns in the long run. Also, being a Tata group company, Tata Alexi is going to be seen taking the most benefit of whatever digital updates will be seen in its electric vehicle sector.

If the company manages to catch this opportunity well in future, then you can expect the Tata Alexito show the first target of Rs 17000 by 2025. After this target you try to hold the second target for Rs 17500.

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2026

This company works on things like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, so this possibility of a very good boom can be predicted in the future.

If we talk about Tata Alexi share price target 2026, then its first target comes out to be 18000 and if we talk about the second target then it can go up to 18500.

Tata Alexi Share Price Target 2030

The company’s business future looks very strong. Management is seen making changes in its business according to every situation. Due to which it is difficult to keep its business updated, and hence the name of Tata Alexi is added to the largest company in the sector.

Also, Tata Alexi’s business sector appears to be much more advanced in terms of research & development and innovation than the rest of the company. Due to which you get to see Tata Alexi shares at a slightly higher valuation than this sector all the time.

The future technology business of Tata Alexi has a lot to offer. In the long run till 2030, as Tata Alexi seems to be capturing more and more market, you can see the share price going up to Rs.25000.

Risk Factors in Tata Alexi

  • With time, it will have to bring changes in new technology, otherwise other companies will overtake.
  • Most of its business is done from outside countries, so changes in the policy there can have an impact on it.

Tata Alexi share Financial Analysis

Looking at the financial performance of Tata Alexi, you will see steady growth. The company’s revenue and profit growth over the years has been able to maintain a decent amount of growth. There are very few companies that are seen maintaining their growth for many years, Tata Alexi is one of them.

At the same time, the debt on the company is almost negligible and it is seen increasing its cash reserve continuously. Because of which whenever the company needs money for expansion, then the company easily expands its business.

Tata Alexi Invest or not??

Tata Alexi share from future point of view

Looking at the business of Tata Alexi from the point of view of the future, then fundamentally the best company appears. Whatever the company works in the product related to software, it has to work in new ideas and innovations.

Because of which the work of this business is very difficult, so very few companies are seen in this business. Due to which Tata Alexi is seen picking up the most of it.

Whichever company works in a new product with its innovation, the market gives a different status to the business of that company. Due to which you are going to see the share price of Tata Alexi only at higher valuation in the long run.

Should we invest in Tata Alexi Shares

In the coming time, the consumption of Electrical Vehicle is going to be very high, so Digital Update is going to increase, so its demand is also expected to increase. Along with being associated with software, this company is also emphasizing on innovation and development. In a way, this company is considered to be the best company in the sector. If you are looking from a long term point of view then it can prove to be a good company in terms of returns.

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Our Opinion

This company is associated with Tata Group, even if there are a few issues, it will not face any hurdle. The growth potential of the company is visible in the future.

Tata Alexi’s business is very strong from future point of view, due to which most of the big investors prefer to invest in this stock for long term despite the share price being expensive. If you are looking for a good company to invest in in the future, then Tata Alexi stock is a must have in your eyes.

If you buy this stock every fall, then there is definitely a potential in the business of the company to give good returns in the long run. But before making any investment, do not forget to do your analysis once.


Yes you can invest in it. Before investing, please consult your financial advisor and do your own research as risk is always there in the stock market.

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Who is the owner of Tata Alexi?

This company is owned by Tata Group.

In which sector does Tata Alexi work?


Where is the headquarter of Tata Alexi located?

Its head quarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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