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Welcome to another post from bsnews.in. In this post, we will talk about Tata Power share price targets for 2022, 2025, 2030. We will also talk about Tata Power Share price targets ,background, technical fundamentals, history as well.

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If you want to invest in Tata Power Limited then you will get your answer in this post. we will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Tata Power Ltd.

Tata Power Limited Details

This company is a subsidiary of Tata Group, which is located in the power sector. It deals with the generation and distribution of electricity. If we talk about the power sector, then it is one of the major companies in India.

It was founded by Jamsetji Tata Ji in the year 1868. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Prasad Menon is its Managing Director.

NameTata Power Limited Details
Company NameTata Power Limited
Founded Year1868
Located InMumbai, Maharashtra
Industry Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle 
Manager DirectorPrasad Menon
Price in October 2022220.50
All Time Low Priceless than 5 in 2000
All Time High Price233(October 2021 )
Tata Power Limited Share Price

Tata Power Limited Historical Data

If we talk about the stock today, then the price of one share of JP Power is running around Rs.222.50.

For a long time, it remains in the news for many reasons. If we talk about May 2000, then its price was less than 5 rupees. If we talk about it, it is currently working at the highest i.e. Rs 233.

If we talk about June 2008, then it was almost around the same price as it is today. That’s why you can guess that we should also do long term investment carefully.

 Tata Power Share Rate & Returns

If we talk about Tata Power Share Price History, then it has given around 58.20% returns in 6 months. If we talk about the last 1 year, then it has given returns of around 203% and till date, this stock has given 1502% returns. If we talk about the returns, it has earned a lot of returns to the shareholders.

Some Factors of Tata Power

1.What is Tata Power Dividend History?

The company had given a dividend of Rs1.30 in 2017, Rs1.30 in 2018, Rs1.30 in 2019, Rs1.55 in 2020 and Rs1.55 per share in 2021.

2. Tata Power Bonus share History 

Tata Power gave bonus in the year 1975 in 1:5 ratio.

3. Tata Power Bonus share Split 

Two such shares were split in the year 1995 and in the year 2011.

4.Tata Power Share Holding Pattern

If we talk about the share holdings, then the promoter of this company has 46.86%, FII has 11.26%, DII has 17.17%, Public has 24.72% Holdings. If we talk about Mutual Fund Holding, they have 8.46% of the holdings in today’s time.

5.Tata Power Peer Companies

If we talk about Peer companies of this stock, then it includes major companies like Adani Power, JSW Energy, Reliance Infra, Torrent Power, Urja Global and NTPC.

Tata Power Limited Price Target Details

Let us know how much Tata Power Future Share Price can be.

Tata Power Chart
Tata Power Share Chart
YearsTata Power Targets
Tata Power price Target table

Note: These price targets of “Tata Power Ltd” is only for reference purpose only, this prediction is only if there is positive market sentiments in the company.

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Tata Power Share Price Target 2022

The company says that renewable energy is going to increase from 4GW to 15GW by 2025. Therefore, if the energy capacity increases, then obviously the share price will also increase.

There is more hope for it to accelerate because this company is associated with electric vehicles and the future of electric vehicles is visible in the future.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2023

With the business growing at a good pace, you can see the first target of Rs290, showing very good growth in Tata Power share price target 2023. After this target, you can definitely look for another target to be of interest of Rs390.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2024

Tata Power has been working continuously on EV charging infrastructure for some time now, if seen, Tata Power as a leading company in this segment has set up more than 2000 EV charging stations in about 190 cities across the country. In this segment, as the company has started work first, it is getting the most benefit right now.

In the coming years, Tata Power is also seen partnering with other companies as part of a very good strategy to capture most of the EV charging market in India. For the coming few years, the company aims to set up about 1 lakh EV charging stations in every corner of India, due to which the company is going to see a huge market capture.

With the company’s EV charging infrastructure getting stronger, Tata Power share price target can be seen showing you the first target of Rs350 showing the same growth in the business till 2024. After that, you can think of holding the second target for Rs400.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2025

On this stock, Rupesh D Sank , Vice President, Elara Capital, says that the future of these two companies, Tata Power and NTPC, is very bright in the power sector.

This company is also working on big solar projects in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The reason for this company joining the electric vehicle as well as the solar project is because of the more potential for growth of the company. This company’s share i.e. Tata Power Share Price Target can also go up to at least 390 – 520 by 2025.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2026

If analysts are to be believed, in the coming years also, the government can be seen showing support under many schemes for the companies related to this sector, due to which Tata Power being the company in the forefront of the renewable energy sector, the most of the government’s help. There is every hope of getting more benefit.

In the coming time, due to the help of the government, Tata Power share price target can be seen going to the first target of 550 rupees with very good growth in the business by 2026. After that you will soon get to see another target of Rs610.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2027,2028,2029

In 2027 price of Tata can be 700. If we talk about the target, then talking about JP Power Share Price Target 2028,2029, then around 1400, 1800 targets can be seen.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2030

If Tata Power’s plan till 2030 is seen, then their target in renewable energy is from 15GW to 25GW, with the aim of clean generation capacity from 31% to 80%, then its future is looking better. Together it has been considered as the Top Belt Company if we talk about the power sector. It is also trustworthy being a Tata group company, so if Tata Power Share Price Target is showing around 1900 to2300 by 2030.

Tata Power Share Buy or Not??

If seen, according to the study, the demand for electric city has increased by about 13% in the year 2022 and it is not going to decrease further, it is going to increase, so be it NTPC or Tata Power, the future of these companies is looking good and from above it Being a Tata group company, the chances of it going down are less.

Future of Tata Power Share

If we look at Tata Power’s business in terms of future, there is a huge scope for growth, the company is showing more focus on the upcoming technology electric vehicle charging station and clean energy, due to which in the coming days, as Demand will be seen increasing in this sector, business is also going to be seen growing at the same speed.

Keeping in mind the future opportunities in its sector, the company is also seen partnering with many government and private companies related to this sector to strengthen its infrastructure, which will benefit the company gradually. I am sure to see it happen.

Risk of Tata Power Share

If you see the risk, all the business segments of Tata Power have to invest a lot from time to time, for which the company has to take a lot of debt, although the company is taking these loans to expand its business. But from the investor’s point of view, this risk cannot be ignored at all.

Tata Power Price Targets

Our Opinion

We want to invest in a company which has the potential to see some growth going forward, if you ask about this stock, you can make good money by waiting for the right time to invest in it for a short period but in the long run. It would be better if you do not invest in this stock. If you want to invest, then invest as much as you do not regret after losing.

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In this article, we discussed the Tata Power Share Price Target for 2022,2023,2024,2025 and 2030. Hope you have learned and know a lot about Tata Ltd. How did you like this article written on Tata Share Price Target, if you liked it, then share it with your friends. I think this post is very helpful for you. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section

In which sector does Tata Power Company work?

Power Sector

When did Tata Power Company become operational?


When is the right time to invest in Tata Power Share?

Whenever there is a slight downward trend in Tata Power Share, then you can think of investing small amounts for a long time.

How will Tata Power Share be from future point of view?

Tata Power is working towards the future in its business, in the coming times, as the demand for power sector and EV charging will be seen increasing, the company’s business is also going to grow at the same pace.

Head quarter of Tata Power


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