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Trident Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

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Welcome to another post from In this post, we will talk about Trident share price targets for 2022, 2025, 2030. We will also talk about Trident share price targets  history as well.

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Last year Trident Limited has given a 351.57% return which is excellent. If you want to invest in Trident Limited then you will get your answer in this post. we will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Trident Ltd.

Trident Limited History

This company was established as Abhishek Industries Limited, but Trident Limited got its name in the year 2011.

Trident Limited is listed in the market with a market cap of more than ₹ 20k Crore. According to this, it is a midcap company.

NameTrident Limited Details
Company NameTrident Limited
Founded Year1990
Managing DirectorDeepak Nada
ChairmanRajeev Divan
SubsidiariesTrident Global Corp Ltd
Trident Europe Limited
Trident Limited

Currently, the company’s stock is trading in the range of ₹37-₹42. The company has a P/E Ratio of 24.04 and Sector P/E of around 108. This indicates that the company is undervalued as per the sector P/E. The share price had gone up from 15 to 70 in the last one year.

If you are thinking that Trident Ltd. is a penny stock then you can be wrong. It is a well established textile company. The company’s share price has shown very good price growth in the past year and in the times to come.

Before investing in any business, we should collect all the important information about the company and try to understand the business model of the company.

Trident Share Price

Trident Share Price Target 2022

Trident Textile is working in the field of Spinning. The market capitalization of this company is around ₹20,000 crores.

The share price of Trident Ltd. has seen a decline. This was due to the company’s poor quarterly results (June 2022). Also, Mr. Rajinder Gupta stepped down as the Managing Director of Trident Limited. This is a huge blow to the company.

First Target in 2022₹42
Second Target in 2022₹48
Share Price Target in 2022

Trident Share Price Target 2023

Trident Ltd. is the largest paper manufacturer based on straw-based paper with a capacity of 175,000 MT. The company has a market share of 12% in the Indian copier segment.

The best way to earn from the stock market is by investing and not trading. Hence, you can get good returns if you invest in Trident Limited for a long term.

First Target in 2023₹63
Second Target in 2023₹71
Share Price Target in 2023

Trident Share Price Target 2024

The company has a market share of 12% in the Indian copier segment. Trident is leveraging its geographical presence in Punjab, which is the largest wheat producing state. The company procures wheat straw at low price which has minimum RM to sales ratio in its peers. Trident Limited has 30% market share in NCR and North India.

If the business of Trident Limited does well in the coming two years, then the investor can see a good bounce in this stock.

First Target in 2024₹110
Second Target in 2024₹120
Share Price Target 2024

Trident Share Price Target 2025

Quality products exported by the company to the overseas market is the core business of the company. This price is very high achievable if the company is able to maintain or increase its market share. Recently, the company made a lot of efforts to increase its margins.

If something is not in favor of the company then you may also get to see the reverse trend. However, the financial position of the company is very strong. But the sales figures are not so strong in recent times.

First Target in 2025₹160
Second Target in 2025₹170
Share Price Target 2025

Trident Share Price Target 2030

The management of the company is very experienced and qualified. But they need to tackle some of the major threats like foreign exchange exposure, margins, dependence on exports etc.

If the company manages these concerns successfully, good targets can be seen for Trident Ltd.

First Target in 2030₹500
Second Target in 2030₹520
Share Price Target 2030

Business Model of Trident Ltd

Trident Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Yarn Bath Linen Bed Linen Wheat Straw-based Paper Chemicals and Captive Power.

Trident Limited’s operations are divided into four main segments:

  1. Yarns
  2. Terry Towels
  3. Paper and
  4. Chemicals

Strong Points of the company

The company is a very strong company financially and fundamentally-

  • The company exports its products to more than 150 countries.
  • The company holds patents for more than 12 products which provide the company with a competitive advantage.
  • Efficient management of the company.
  • The three-year average ROCE is maintained at 14.66%.
  • The company’s profit growth is exceptional. This is an average of 30% for the last three years.
  • The company’s ROE for the last three years is 15.17%.
  • Availability of Trident Company’s products on more than 46 e-commerce websites. Due to which the company’s products are easily available.
  • Diversified revenue with leading market position in Home Textile segment, and established position in WPP and “Make in India” focused mission of the company.

Trident Ltd. is continuously making efforts to reduce its debt. It has a debt to equity ratio of 0.46 which is pretty decent.

The company has good cash flow management, CFO/PAT is 2.31.

The risk associated with Trident Ltd.

Every business has certain risks that we should keep in mind while investing.

The risks associated with Trident Ltd are as follows-

  • The operating profitability of Trident Ltd. largely depends on volatility in the prices of the key raw material, cotton.
  • Cotton prices are volatile as they are dependent on international demand/supply, and are sensitive to factors such as monsoon or pest attacks.
  • Trident Ltd. derives more than 70% of its revenue in the home textile segment from the United States. Therefore, any major recession in this market or change in import policies and any fluctuation in foreign exchange rates may result in loss to the company.
  • Any significant move by competing countries such as China, Pakistan or Vietnam to advance their exports through changes in local policies or through bilateral relations with importing countries may affect the competitive position of Trident Ltd.

There are some financial issues in the company which may change after some good quarters –

  • Trident Ltd. has shown poor profit growth of 9.15% in last 3 years.
  • Over the past 3 years, the company shows negative average sales growth. I think it is not that important as the business of Trident Ltd was heavily affected by the Corona pandemic.
  • The EPS has declined in the last two years.
  • The company’s P/E ratio is much higher than its competitors.

Shareholding Pattern of Trident Ltd

Shareholding pattern

Competitors of Trident Ltd

  • Page Industries
  • KPR Mill
  • Welspun India
  • Raymond
  • Lux Industries
  • Garware Technic

Our Opinion

The business model of Trident Ltd. is very impressive. It produces quality and branded products that target the wealthy clientele.

We believe in efficient management of the company which is dedicated towards expanding its business. There is every possibility that the stock of this company will rise in the future.

But you should always build your portfolio wisely and diversify it. Also, one should never buy too much of a stock. Before investing in any stock, one must first evaluate the company thoroughly.

We have not given any investment advice on this stock. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before making any investment.

trident share price


In this article, we discussed the Trident Share Price Target for 2022,2023,2024,2025 and 2030. Hope you have learned and know a lot about Trident Ltd. How did you like this article written on Trident Share Price Target, if you liked it, then share it with your friends. I think this post is very helpful for you. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section

Is Tredent a Penny Stock?

No, it is not a penny stock. It is a mid cap company which is multi-bagger.

Is Trident Share a good buy?

The Price Trend analysis by MoneyWorks4Me indicates it is Weak which suggest that the price of Trident Ltd is likely to Fall in the short term.

Can Trident be a multi-bagger?

It is already a multi-bagger with over 350% in a year.

Is Trident Limited Debt Free Company?

No, Trident Company has a debt of ₹ 1,535.51 crore. But the debt to equity ratio of the company is 0.46 which is not very much.

Is Trident a good company to invest in?

Company ROE and ROCE are more than 10% which is a good thing. The business of the company is increasing day by day.

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